Copper Ridge Animal Hospital

Advanced Pet Care

We offer advanced Vet Services and routine pet wellness exams, serving Harrisonburg, VA and the surrounding area. We know your pet is an important member of your family because we are pet owners too. We use our knowledge, skills, and state-of-the-art technology to provide the best medical treatment for your pets.

Full Service Vet Hospital

The Copper Ridge Animal Hospital is a full-service animal hospital and wellness center. We provide in-house surgeries, advanced diagnostic laboratory services, & a complete pet pharmacy.

Vet Examinations

We strongly recommend bringing your pet in for a comprehensive physical examination every six months to prevent possible health problems or detect and treat them at early stages.

In Stock Pharmacy

For your convenience, we have a fully equipped in-house pharmacy. It’s very important that your veterinarian has a complete supply of all medications commonly used in veterinary medicine.


The in-house laboratory at CRAH is a very essential diagnostic tool which helps us to diagnose and monitor your pet’s health. We are able to provide you with accurate and prompt results.


We are proud to offer you our climate controlled boarding facilities supervised by a licensed veterinarian. A clean, healthy, and safe environment is always provided for your pets while in our care.

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